Fuse Progressive Voters Guide urges a Yes vote on KCCA1

The Yes on King County Charter Amendment 1 campaign thanks Fuse and the Progressive Voters Guide for urging a yes vote on our proposal to move King County to even-year elections:

King County Charter Amendment 1 proposes Ordinance 2022–0180, which pertains to when county elections appear on the ballot. The ordinance is supported by a progressive coalition of local organizations and passed the King County Council by a 7-2 margin, with only the two most conservative council members in opposition.

If ratified, the ordinance will shift the elections for the county executive, assessor, elections director, and council positions to even-numbered years. By making this change, local leaders will be chosen during high-turnout years, increasing voter participation and reaching a wider, more diverse group for local positions.

Vote “Yes” to on Amendment 1 to the King County Charter to strengthen our democracy and give more voters a voice in our county government.

Join us in voting Yes on KCCA1 by November 8th!