Editorials from media organizations

The following publications have endorsed the campaign to pass King County Charter Amendment 1:

“Voters have every right to be skeptical of election-reform measures, but a proposal to put King County races on the ballot of even-numbered years makes sense. […] The possible benefits outweigh the potential costs. Almost without a doubt, moving King County races to even years will increase voter participation. […] Voters should approve King County Charter Amendment 1.”

The Seattle Times

“Elections officials do so much to increase turnout by a bit here and bit more there, but, as it turns out, simply holding elections on years when everyone’s talking about elections can expand the electorate by a ton, amplifying the voices of young people, people of color, people with low incomes, and other ‘low-propensity’ voters.”

The Stranger

“Because our federal officials are elected in even years, turnout is much higher in those years, especially in presidential years. This difference would be particularly pronounced among young people, and Black, Indigenous, and communities of color, which are groups that have very low turnout in odd years. In effect, this is a way to have the most representative democracy possible.”

The Urbanist

Advocacy and community organizations

The following organizations have endorsed the campaign to pass King County Charter Amendment 1:

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This November, voters will consider what is expected to be known as King County Charter Amendment 1 (Ordinance 2022-0180), supported by the Coalition for Even-Year Elections. Use this form to let us know that your organization has formally taken a position supporting Charter Amendment 1 and is willing to be involved in the campaign to pass it this autumn.

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